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Do you (or someone you know) think Yoga is just for chicks? Think that Yoga is not challenging enough and is just stretching for naturally flexible people? Or think that Yoga is just for tree hugging hippies? Then you (or that person you know) need to read on!!

Ok… Firstly let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Pete Robbins and I am 45 years young! I’m a sparky by trade and I have worked on the tools for most of my life. I’m a keen Skate Boarder and loved riding Motocross in my younger days. I have sustained quite a few injuries over the years and have plenty of screws and plates in my body.

My then girlfriend, now wife Dee dragged me to my first Yoga class kicking and screaming. I honestly thought Yoga was for girls and not for guys like me. Boy was I wrong. Dee actually made a deal with me, she told me to come to just one class with her and if I didn’t like it, then I would never hear the word Yoga again. I thought well for 1 hour of my life this sounds like a fair deal to shut Dee up about this bloody Yoga thing. The 1 hour turned into a 2 hour Power Yoga class which I struggled through from start to finish and I have to admit, I gave Dee quite a few death stares during it. I couldn’t even drive home I was that buggered.

After an hour or so I began to notice how good I actually felt, my everyday aches and pains had actually decreased and my mind had somehow become clearer and I had a more positive outlook on the future. I was actually going through some pretty tough times in my life with my business partner taking me for a ride, dealing with an ex-wife and I had also packed on an extra 20kgs due to numerous surgeries and Dr’s telling me I would never run again let alone continue with the sports that I love.

I thought to myself this Yoga is pretty good stuff and I quickly started to go to more and more classes. To Dee’s surprise I was actually going more than she was at one stage. I was hooked, my body was feeling great, I was shedding the Kg’s and my mind was more focused on the positive things and I started to feel like my old self again. For my body the Hot Yoga and Power Yoga works really well. I have a better range of movement and my aches and pains fade with the added heat and blood flow. The physical challenge of the classes pushed me harder and harder each time so I saw major improvements in my strength and stamina as well as my flexibility which was tragic to start.

I have now been practising Yoga for 7 years and recently completed my 200 hr Teacher Training. I now teach around 10 classes per week and if you asked any of my mates 10 years ago what Robbo would be doing right now, they would never have bet any amount of money that I would have become a Yoga teacher. I can’t do half of the fancy poses that other yogis can do, but I’m ok with that. I’m feeling healthier and stronger and doing way more than I was 10 years ago and as long as I keep learning and growing, I’m a better person for it.

We created a “Blokes Only Class” (Yoga BLOKES) at Power House Yoga that gives us blokes a chance to come and experience Yoga in a blokey kind if way. We have a chat and get to ask questions, we share what Yoga has done for each of us and generally just have a good time with lots of laughs. Guys that come to this class gain the experience they need to feel comfortable in joining in on the other mixed classes and one of the most common things I have heard after starting the “Yoga BLOKES” class is “The only regret I have is not finding Yoga years ago.”

The most common statement we hear from guys and girls alike who have never experienced Yoga before is “I’m not flexible enough. I can’t touch my toes, that’s why I can’t do yoga”. This statement is exactly why you should be doing Yoga!! Yoga is for every body, regardless of shape, size, muscle length or strength. That’s what makes Yoga so transformational. What we thought we couldn’t do, we actually can. What we thought was impossible becomes possible. The limiting beliefs we have of ourselves fade away with every practice.

Yoga BLOKES is targeted at all the guys out there that think they can’t do Yoga for whatever reason. If you have ever thought Yoga is just stretching and for girls, you will be very surprised to see just how physically challenging Yoga actually is – especially Power House Yoga’s Vinyasa classes. Whether you’re a tradie like me or in the corporate world, your body and mind will benefit from Yoga more than you can imagine. Back aches are the most common ailment for most people. These aches and pains can be reduced significantly if not disappear completely!

We have called our Yoga BLOKES the no bulls#*t approach. This is not meant to offend anyone. This is our light hearted way of enticing all the blokes out there that are like I once was, thinking Yoga is just for girls, too easy, not a work out (let alone a work in) and it is only for tree hugging hippies.

Yoga is definitely not what I thought it was and anyone that thinks it is for girls I challenge you to come down to Power House Yoga in Berwick and see for yourself. Do yourself and your body a favour and come and just try one class and see how you go. After all, your first class is free, so what have you got to lose?!!